Marginswap has been experiencing increased demand for lending from traders on the platform. With less than 500.000 in TVL on Avalanche, assets like PNG and USDT.e have experienced interest rate swing of up to 260%.

In order to turbocharge the next stage of growth on Avalanche, Marginswap will be distributing a total of 200.000 MFI, currently valued at $330.000 to lenders and margin traders.

Lenders for the token PNG, AVAX, USDT, and WETH will accrue MFI rewards, payable when a withdrawal of any amount of lending for the particular token is made.

Traders pay a total of 0.4% for trades…

Although 2020 was not a great year overall, there is one thing we all were happy about — The rise of the crypto bull market. Bitcoin crossed its 2017 ATH in November 2020 and has remained over $20,000. Crypto’s total market cap has now crossed one trillion for the first time ever. Also, most of the crypto market experts believe that this rally will continue for the rest of 2021.

These market conditions have amplified the scope of crypto exchanges as the number of people who want to get involved in the cryptocurrency market is increasing exponentially. …

We want to use this medium to share an updated roadmap that leads us up to the point of on-chain Governance.

From now to Governance

We are looking forward to supporting Polygon, an EVM compatible chain with a lot of liquidity on the chain’s Sushiswap and native exchange Quickswap. Combined, both DEXes command a total of over $2 Billion worth of liquidity. Marginswap will be live on Polygon on the 9th of June with margin trading support for $ETH $WBTC $DAI $USDC $MATIC $USDT $WBTC $LINK $AAVE

About a week after deployment on Polygon, $MFI incentives will be activated for lenders of crypto assets.

Marginswap is a decentralized trading platform that currently supports

  1. Borrowing
  2. Lending
  3. Margin trading

The Avalanche and Pangolin community can now farm even more $PNG simply by borrowing assets (undercollateralized loans) from Marginswap and then supplying liquidity on Pangolin.

Marginswap currently supports AVAX, PNG, ETH, USDT, and WBTC. So before taking a loan to add liquidity and farm $PNG, it is essential to check which pools on Pangolin have the highest APY (click here).

At the point of writing, the APY on AVAX-PNG is one of the highest at 110% and by using Snowball for auto-compounding, you can get this rate…

Margin trading is commonly offered in one of two different flavors: isolated or cross margin. Marginswap launched with a cross margin system, which means that the health of a margin trader’s portfolio is calculated jointly, such that gains in one asset can balance out potential losses in another. This approach can save users time, sometimes gas, and headache around rebalancing their portfolio.

Marginswap is a decentralized exchange much like Uniswap, so we believe that users should be able to choose between a more tightly integrated system for lower-risk assets and an open playing field for trading and lending a wider…

The Marginswap dev team is pleased to announce the hiring of John Jordan as the protocol’s UI and Web3 Development Lead. Marginswap, an advanced on-chain spot and margin trading protocol for crypto assets, allows traders to trade a wide variety of assets with up to 5x leverage. The new addition to the team John Jordan is a Web3 engineer with a wealth of experience in technical leadership positions.

John led the development of a donation app for Mastercard and you can check out the app here. He has also worked at Origin Protocol, leading the development of a calendar-based scheduling…

Hi, this is Gabe, your Marginswap tech lead! Checking in about the roll-out of our beta:
You may have noticed we are currently behind relative to our announced timeline. I’m sorry that we were off in our estimation, and we’re all working hard to make it right.

In the lead-up to our launch, I focused heavily on the smart contract side of things — building a full feature set and putting it through our two audits, with some (upcoming) extras thrown in the mix (isolated margin, overcollateralized loans…). …

The Marginswap token distribution is designed from the get-go to drive adoption of the marginswap protocol. That is why the remaining MFI tokens will be distributed to users and early adopters of Marginswap.

Tokens will be distributed starting at 4000 MFI daily, with a 0.1% daily contraction. These tokens will be distributed for 981 days, starting from 04.03.2021( 4 March 2021) with the last distribution happening on 9.11.2023. At that point, the protocol won’t have to incentivize trading and bond lending. …

Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash

Q: Is Marginswap built on top of the Uniswap and Sushiswap system or a completely new DEX?

A: We are a DEX but source liquidity from Sushi and Uniswap. In the future, we hope to be connected to 1inch, curve and many more AMM

Q: So, margin trading, a beloved feature in the world of crypto, yet it’s relatively difficult for new traders, can you explain how margin trading works for the people unaware of it?

A: Let’s assume you have 1 BTC, margin gives you the power to trade up to for example 5 BTC. In essence margin trading…

Over the past few years, many projects have come forth to offer decentralized margin trading exchanges. Yet all of these projects have faced the same issues: Liquidity, security, dangerously high slippage, and lack of token options, which are all extremely important factors to any trader who fears liquidations due to market volatility, security exploits, and slippage.

What if you could harness all the best parts of the biggest decentralized exchanges AND leverage trade on them? That is why we are building Marginswap. A decentralized margin and spot trading platform built on the back of DeFi Giants like Uniswap and Sushiswap.


Building the last margin trading protocol for AMMs. Follow us at

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