Marginswap — Trade the hottest tokens on margin

What can be done on Marginswap?

  • Spot Trade Cryptos: On the Marginswap exchange, you can buy and sell popular crypto tokens available on any major DEX beginning with Uniswap and Sushiswap. A minute fee will be charged for spot trading cryptos.
  • Margin Trade Cryptos: As discussed, users can trade with up to 5X leverage. The number of tokens available for margin trading and the leverage will be determined by governance. We expect the number of tokens available on margin to grow exponentially once the exchange gains traction.
  • Cross Margin Functionality: Margin trading is natively supported by the protocol. Your available margin balance can be used to borrow any token and trade across any pair.
  • Supply Bonds: If you are a crypto investor and prefer holding your cryptos, you can supply those idle assets to the protocol for margin trading financing. In return, you can earn attractive interest rates. While rates will vary depending on the supply and demand for these assets, we will provide yield guarantees for set periods of time, starting at one hour. We refer to these crypto-assets provided by lenders on the protocol as bonds. These bonds can be purchased with a variety of cryptos supported in margin. While bonds will be time-based, there will be the option to enroll for a bond subscription.
  • Gain Insights: The Marginswap protocol is designed with simplicity and convenience at its core. Margin traders can easily monitor their positions and track interest rates. This will help traders better manage their position and avoid margin calls.

Why should you consider Marginswap?


Marginswap roadmap

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Building the last margin trading protocol for AMMs. Follow us at

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Building the last margin trading protocol for AMMs. Follow us at

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