Marginswap Welcomes John Jordan as Frontend and Web3 Development Lead

The Marginswap dev team is pleased to announce the hiring of John Jordan as the protocol’s UI and Web3 Development Lead. Marginswap, an advanced on-chain spot and margin trading protocol for crypto assets, allows traders to trade a wide variety of assets with up to 5x leverage. The new addition to the team John Jordan is a Web3 engineer with a wealth of experience in technical leadership positions.

John led the development of a donation app for Mastercard and you can check out the app here. He has also worked at Origin Protocol, leading the development of a calendar-based scheduling system that powered various fractional usage listing types for the blockchain-based marketplace.

Prior to Joining Marginswap, John has worked with Disney Streaming Services for four years. During this tenure, he has proposed, prototyped, and worked on a patent for a system that used machine learning and a neural network to identify and track animated characters in a video stream, providing an interactive UI overlay for the video player.

We believe John will make a fantastic, lodestar addition to our team. His clear-eyed honesty and depth of knowledge in making user experiences that delight is just what we need as we embark on building the Marginswap permissionless isolated margin trading protocol.





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