MFI distribution plan and liquidity mining event

The Marginswap token distribution is designed from the get-go to drive adoption of the marginswap protocol. That is why the remaining MFI tokens will be distributed to users and early adopters of Marginswap.

Distribution of protocol incentive tokens: 2,500,0000

Protocol incentive distribution curve

The daily distribution will happen in 2 stages:

After Beta: After the beta launch MFI will be distributed as follows:

  • Uniswap liquidity mining 20%
  • Bond lending 40%
  • Margin swaps 30%
  • MFI Staking 10%

Distribution of marketing, bounty, treasury: 1,000,000

A good number of the 1,000,000 MFI will be reserved for incentivizing other features we have planned for marginswap.

Max circulating supply

Max supply in circulation

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