The Journey to Beta Land

2 min readApr 16, 2021

Hi, this is Gabe, your Marginswap tech lead! Checking in about the roll-out of our beta:
You may have noticed we are currently behind relative to our announced timeline. I’m sorry that we were off in our estimation, and we’re all working hard to make it right.

In the lead-up to our launch, I focused heavily on the smart contract side of things — building a full feature set and putting it through our two audits, with some (upcoming) extras thrown in the mix (isolated margin, overcollateralized loans…). While focusing on the contracts, I managed the UI development with a light touch.

Mid last week, after our second audit, we finally came to focus entirely on our user interface, which you’ll hopefully soon be delighted to use! It turns out we weren’t as far as I thought, and I really should have been on top of things!

I sprang into action once I realized that we were behind. Ever since I took full charge of the UI process, we have been working a lot… I recently had a 25-hour workday! Nevertheless, our announced dates have slipped by, and we still have a number of user experience issues to fix. It just takes however long it takes to write the software.

So here comes my ask: We do need to sleep at night, so if you like, please bear with us until the end of next week while we work on the UI. We have our contracts deployed, and you can inspect them on etherscan. We have funds sitting in the contracts. If you want to follow along in the dev process, you can go to — But please don’t yet expect a smooth experience from that!

We’re all working to make it right. My thanks to Dr O and the rest of the team for chipping in, and of course, to you all for supporting us in this! Thank you!

I asked Gabe to draft a message for the community because I think you all have been hearing a lot from me and will continue to. We have been pushing our limits, working almost 20 hours a day for the last week trying to meet up with the deadline we had set.
I know most are disappointed with the above ask, but it is more important than anything else that we keep the drive that has brought us this far. The journey doesn’t end here, and burnout isn’t an option. I want to see marginswap v2 and our proposed safe aping vaults that leverage other yield protocols.
In the meantime, please use our spot trading for your swap, it is entirely free, and you only have to approve a token once to trade it across Uniswap and Sushiswap pools.